Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends Forever?

So raise your hand if you can count someone that you used to eat paste with in kindergarten as one of your best friends. I know I can't. Heck, best friends in high school are people I barely talk to anymore. You know why? Because I'm a different person than I was back then. I moved 3 hours from home to go to college, not necessarily to get away from anything back there, but more to find out who I was. I stayed in contact with quite a few people over the first two years, but since then I only count 3 guys from my hometown as really good friends. There's nothing wrong with this: I mean, it's not easy staying friends with someone when you see them 3 times a year. Just let them glide back into the "acquaintance" area. Now with college over and being in the next phase of my life, I find myself with the same dilemma: some of the people I lived with and went to college with I'll probably never/rarely see again. It's just the nature of the beast, I suppose. There are still those that I'll hold onto during this round of "downsizing." As time goes on you eventually say "these people right here are the ones I want to hang on to forever. The ones I trust with my life, that I'd do anything for." But even then it's not set into stone. Friends start dating. Couples break up and go back to friends. People move, people die, people have kids.
I guess this whole ramble can be summed up by "Don't become too attached to the way things are/were. Friendships change over time, that's the way it is. Everything will be fine."

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Chad said...

For me, the people that have been my best friends in the past that i don't talk to so much anymore, well, they'll always be my friends, alot of time the level of bestness trancends time and distance. There's a few people i've known since my first day at mukwonago that would take me in in a pinch if something happened to them andi would do the same. While we dont talk as much now,i think thats what makes people friends to begin with.