Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day (and Mother's Day)

My parents came down on Saturday for the Brewer game. It had been the first time I'd seen them in about a month, so that was nice. Mom always catches me up on what's been going on with my nieces and cousins, while my Dad talks about happenings in Edgar and when I'll be home to help him with building the new shed, etc. Anyways, since they had come down for Father's Day it got me thinking about what kind of parents they were. As the youngest of three boys I had it pretty good: My parents had their system pretty well down by the time I was born. I had a good healthy fear of my Dad growing up, often being threatened with a spanking or "the belt" when I misbehaved. In time that fear turned to respect, in that I saw the sacrifices they both made when we were young in order to have a good childhood. And even though I was a good kid most of the time, it wasn't out of fear of punishment, but more for the fact that they had instilled in me a good value and moral system. "Be a good person, treat others well, help the less fortunate."
The reason I bring all of this up is because yesterday's Post Secret post had to do with Father's Day, and it dawned on me that I've been very fortunate to receive such great parents. They weren't perfect, but they tried their best to raise a responsible young man and I think they succeeded pretty well. I can only hope to do as good a job on my kids as they did on thiers.

Thanks Mom and Dad, and happy belated Father's and Mother's Day!

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