Thursday, June 19, 2008

East or West

I've been talking about going on a Roadtrip sometime this summer for the past few months. The idea originated with me and Charlie talking about seeing the country, because he'll be leaving for Marines boot camp in September. Since then I've thought about flying to Florida or the Bahamas, but neither of those panned out, so Roadtrip 2008 is back on, and now it's time to start planning it. The first thing I've gotta decide is "Where the frank are we going??" One thing is for sure: I want to go to one of the coasts, either Pacific or Atlantic. So either I want to head West and see Oregon, California, and Nevada, or East to the Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia. Or maybe forgo that and head up to the New England area. Here's the breakdown of the three areas we could end up going:

Northern East Coast

  • Pros: Never been there before. Would probably visit New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, etc. Weather should be decent.

  • Cons: Not much of a "beach" atmosphere. Gas prices are moderately higher. No one to visit.

Southern East Coast

  • Pros: Lots of beaches. Cheaper gas. Would probably visit Charleston, Myrtle Beach, etc Can visit Chad and Bethany. See where Charlie will be training.

  • Cons: Hot as helllllllll. Been there a few times.

West Coast

  • Pros: Lots to do along the way and back. Would probably visit Vegas, Pacific Highway, Portland, etc. Can visit Uncle Ron in Seattle, Amber in San Francisco.

  • Longest trip. Most expensive gas prices. Heat.

Now I've got to find out how many people would be interested in coming, if my car would be able to handle the trip, what we'd do for lodging, etc. Lots of planning over the next 1.5 months.

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Chad said...

Well just to give you a breakdown on what it cost me to go from Milwauke, WI, to So. FL.

300+ dollars for gas.
100 for a hotel.

so it cost me 400 dollars to go 1500 miles. Thats including the "cost" or savings of me not eating anything but a box of ritz bits and sunflower seeds that people gave me as gifts before i left. You want to talk about an intense sodium intake. I was starting to foam at the mouth and my lips were covered in a crust from my spit evaporating into crystals.My car also gets good gas mileage, ~30 highway. So it could cost substantially more.